Preventative Maintenance

Forestall expensive equipment replacement and save on your electric bill with preventative maintenance from Excellent Air.

The best time to solve a problem is before it occurs. This is especially true with HVAC equipment, as outages can mean uncomfortable working and living conditions, expensive repairs, and high electricity bills. Excellent Air Conditioning and Heating Services, Inc. has a thorough preventative maintenance program that makes use of the top-of-the-line Nu-Calgon products. Our program can:

  • Gain significant savings on energy costs.
  • Maintain peak operating efficiency.
  • Enhance the cooling system's reliability and service life.
  • Improve indoor air quality.

Backed by Nu-Calgon, the leader in HVAC maintenance chemicals, our preventative maintenance program is assured to lengthen the life of your equipment and provide you with better, more consistent results. When you need Air Conditioning Long Island service or repair, call the experts first at Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services. Call 631-427-0677.

Our Four-Step Process



Clean evaporator and condenser coils with quality products that are designed to restore original outlet and improve airflow.


We apply Teflon-strengthened products to the evaporator and condenser coils to repel dirt and keep the coils cleaner longer.

Kill Bacteria

We improve indoor air quality by preventing bacteria on evaporator coils, drain pans, and duct work with EPA-registered bacteriostats, disinfectants, and fungistats.


To prevent biological growths, such as bacteria or slime, we use an EPA-registered drain pan biocide product. This protection lasts up to three months.

Air conditioning units are designed with clean coils in mind. But what happens when those coils get contaminated or dirty?

Avoid the problems detailed at right by asking Excellent Air Conditioning and Heating Services, Inc. about our preventative maintenance contracts and services. You'll be glad you did.

Increased Power Costs
When the condenser coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime, its function of providing heat transfer cannot be fulfilled. When the equipment's compressor attempts to resolve the problem by going to a higher system pressure, its energy use increases. A dirty condenser coil can easily consume up to 37% more electricity when compared to a clean coil.
Reduced Effectiveness
As the dirt and grime on the condenser restrict heat transfer, the compressor works harder, forcing component parts to work at higher temperatures.
Depreciated Equipment
Higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by a dirty condenser coil can also cause a reduction in the equipment's life expectancy, leading to a high turnover rate of expensive parts.
Reduced Available Cooling
As evaporator coils cool indoor air, they also dehumidify it, collecting any dirt, dust, nicotine, pollen, or other substances that may be present. Once this occurs, air flow is restricted and heat transfer is reduced. All this cuts cooling capacity and damages the compressor.
Compromised Air Quality
Contaminated evaporator coils become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew, and other biological growths. These are the main sources of indoor air quality problems and odors. As the air continues to circulate throughout the building's ventilation system, its quality is compromised.