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Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Service, Inc. Offers Reliable Boiler Service for Bellerose, NY Property Owners

For more than three decades, Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. has been maintaining the comfort of Queens homeowners. We specialize in all aspects of heating and air conditioning, including boiler installations, air conditioning repair, and so much more! Fully licensed and insured, and completely proficient in all aspects of heating and cooling, when you contact us, you can rest easy knowing that your Bellerose, NY home will always be comfortable and safe.

Do you rely on a boiler to heat your home and hot water? If so, then it’s imperative that you have the appliance serviced at least once a year. Failure to maintain a boiler can lead to a variety of problems, including costly boiler repair, as well as an uncomfortable home. In the worst-case scenario, a faulty boiler could put you and your loved ones in serious danger.

Don’t put boiler service on the back of your to-do list; it needs to be a top priority!

Why Routine Boiler Service is Important

A boiler is the heart of your home’s heating system. It not only keeps your home warm throughout those cold Queens winters, but it also provides you with hot water all year long. Like every appliance in your home, a boiler needs to be properly maintained. Here’s why…

Identifies Potential Issues

You use your boiler every day, and constant use leads to wear and tear. Components can break down, fittings can become loose, pressure can become unstable; all issues that can lead to serious problems if they’re left unchecked.

By having your boiler serviced by a professional Queens heating contractor, potential issues can be corrected before they become massive headaches. The last thing you want is to run out of heat in the middle of a frigid Bellerose day, or get stuck without hot water when you’re in the middle of taking a shower. With routine service, your boiler will be in tip-top condition so you can enjoy the reliable heat and hot water.

Improved Efficiency

Whether you have a gas or oil-burning boiler, if it isn’t properly maintained, it’s almost guaranteed that it’s going to use more fuel. Improperly maintained boilers need to work hard to heat your home and water. Increased fuel consumption is bad for the environment and your bank account! Regular service will ensure that the system is functioning properly so that it doesn’t have to work overtime and use more fuel than it should.

Greater Safety

The last thing you want is to put your family in danger, but if you aren’t having your boiler serviced on a regular basis, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Improperly maintained boilers are more likely to malfunction, and a malfunctioning boiler can be a serious safety hazard. Routine inspections and tune-ups can help you avoid potential fires, explosions, and gas leaks that could cause serious harm.

Maintained Comfort

There’s no doubt that you enjoy the comfort that reliable heat and hot water provides. Well, if you fail to maintain the appliance, it could end up breaking down, which could end up putting a halt to your comfort. Imagine being stuck in the freezing cold without heat or not being able to take a warm shower or bath? Talk about being majorly inconvenienced! With an annual boiler service, you can maintain your comfort all year long.

Reduced Spending

You might think that skipping out on servicing your boiler will save you money; however, in reality, you’ll end up spending more if you neglect having it maintained. Minor problems that require simple, inexpensive fixes could turn into major issues that require extensive and costly boiler repairs and even damage to other parts of your property. Add to that the fact that a well-maintained boiler is more efficient and uses less fuel and routine maintenance can actually save you a good chunk of change.

Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. Offers Reliable and Affordable Queens Boiler Repair

Want to reap all the benefits that routine boiler service offers? If so, then contact the boiler heating repair experts at Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. For more than three decades, we’ve been a leading provider of routine boiler service in the Bellerose, NY area.

Our clients have been relying on us to handle all of their home heating and cooling needs because they know that no other company is as dependable and affordable as we are. Our highly trained technicians will perform a complete inspection of your boiler to make sure that every component is functioning as it should be. We’ll also look for potential issues that may exist and can make the necessary repairs so that you can avoid big problems down the road.

Our boiler service includes a comprehensive assessment of all of the components of your boiler. We’ll check to make sure that the pressure is within safe levels, ensure that there aren’t any leaks present, test the flue, replace filters, and even clean the components.

When the maintenance visit is complete, a technician will go over everything that he or she did and discuss potential tune-ups or repairs that could be made. Should your boiler require any repairs, we won’t make them until we get your specific permission. With your approval, we’ll proceed to make any repairs that might be needed to maintain the proper functioning of your boiler.

For Boiler Care You Can Count On, Look No Further Than Express Air!

At Express Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on doing more than just meeting the needs of our clients; we aim to exceed their needs. When it comes to your home’s heating system, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than quality care, and with Express Air, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Want to schedule a service? Call 718-428-6987 and we’ll have one of our heating repair experts at your home at a time that’s most convenient for you to perform a complete assessment and tune-up.