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February 15, 2022
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March 9, 2022

HVAC systems work harder than automobiles, and just like automobiles they require regular maintenance to run efficiently. Here are five reasons why you should make sure you schedule your annual HVAC system maintenance before the end of the year. 

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your HVAC system running at peak performance all season long. You should make sure this system is properly maintained since it is both an important and expensive system in your home.

The following maintenance tips will help you keep your HVAC repair costs low while maintaining a high level of indoor comfort:

Keep an eye on things

When your system makes noises such as rattling, thumping, grinding, or buzzing, it can be a sign of a problem somewhere in the HVAC system. Check for puddles around your indoor unit, weak airflow, and spotty heating and cooling as well. Address the issue as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage.

Maintain your system annually

A proper air conditioner tune-up should be done every spring and a proper heater tune-up every fall. Up to 95 percent of HVAC repairs can be prevented with regular maintenance, which many people are unaware of. In addition to maintaining the performance of your system at its peak, regular maintenance can also reduce energy costs and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Air filters need to be replaced

A clean air filter should be changed every 30 to 90 days, as well as being checked every month to make sure there are no clogs or debris. If you have a lot of family members living in your household, as well as pets, then you will need to change your filters more often. The maintenance of your HVAC system should be a regular part of your routine since a clogged or dirty filter can damage your equipment.

Vents need to be cleaned

The air vents should be vacuumed regularly to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating and obstructing the flow of air. Moreover, the airflow must be checked periodically so that it doesn’t weaken. We recommend scheduling an HVAC technician as soon as possible to check weak airflow.

Make sure you have a maintenance plan

The advantage of having your HVAC equipment serviced annually is never lost with a preventive maintenance plan. Service plans are often more cost-effective than HVAC repairs.

The outside unit needs to be cleaned

While it can be easy to overlook the outside unit of your HVAC system, it is just as important and needs routine maintenance as the indoor unit. The air conditioning unit should be free of plants, trees, and debris. In addition, shorten shrubs and cut back plants so that they are at least three feet away from the unit. It is a good idea to wipe down the interior and exterior of the unit to get rid of any dirt. If necessary, use a garden hose to gently spray it off.

An inspection of the ductwork should be scheduled

A technician should inspect your ductwork every few years to check for blockages if you have them. Debris can accumulate inside your air ducts over time resulting in impeded airflow, which overworks your equipment and weakened the system. As well as catching dust, dander, and even pests, ducts can develop leaks that allow air to escape.

Maintaining a clean duct system can improve indoor air quality as well as maintain your HVAC system’s health by allowing conditioned air to flow freely.

Poor maintenance is directly responsible for the majority of HVAC repairs. Aside from the age of your unit, poor maintenance is usually the cause of the most problems. Please contact us today for a tune-up.

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